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PHARMA 3-TREN 200 - Buy Trenbolone Mix

PHARMA 3-TREN 200 - Buy Trenbolone Mix
Product Code: 5036096
Price: $129.00

Tren is one of the most popular steroids of all time as it is one of the most powerful and most effective. Officially known as Trenbolone, Tren can come in many forms with the small ester version Trenbolone-Acetate and the large ester version Trenbolone-Enanthate being the most common. Originally developed for the purpose of beefing up livestock Tren became very popular during the golden age of bodybuilding as it was discovered whats good for the cow is just as good for the athlete. During this time the Acetate version was all that was available in the form of an implant pellet known as Finaplix; these subcutaneous pellets were easily transformed into an injectable solution. However, as the years went by many other Tren forms would hit the shelf from the original Finaject and Parabolan but in the end the Acetate version remains king.